Thursday, September 27, 2007

OH....the exitement!!

My little brother will be here in "jolly old England" in just 39 hours (barring any flight delays ! LOL) I cannot tell you how completely and utterly excited I am. I haven't seen him for 17 months, which I believe is the longest I've ever gone without seeing him. We're close, we're buds!! I can't wait to show him around London and just enjoy being with him. My dd's are almost as excited as I am, they just LOVE Uncle Wade!!

In scrappy news, I've been doing a whole lot of scrapping! Dh is on a business trip in The Netherlands, which always gives me extra time to scrap because I become a slob and wait until the day he comes home to clean!! Hey, we all have our priorities and cleaning toilets is NOT one of mine! Yeck!

I got my first kit from The Shaker Box's new kit club and it is fantastic! I couldn't believe how fast I got it over here "across the pond"! And, of course, had to dig in and start working with the stuff right away! Here is my first page from the kit:

and here is where you can get your own kit from The Shaker Box!


  1. carrie...i am sure you will have a blast showing your brother around england!!!!!

  2. Hope your enjoying your time with your bro Carrie! Lots of piccies I expect ;-)

    jk x

  3. Hope you have fun with your brother!!

  4. I totally kick ass and had a great time in England! I severely miss my sister though and my lovely little nieces. I'll be back soon though for more fun!