Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Ugh...I have been dealing with some crabby women lately at school. I just hate how some women can be. I am the "room Mom" for my 6yo's class and after 2 weeks I am already fed up with the whole thing.

In other news...just 10 days until my brother arrives for his first visit to the UK. The girls and I are counting down the days!!

I should be cleaning right now...but it's just not as fun! LOL Maybe I'll go plant the Mums I bought this morning!


  1. Hee Hee Hee - moms can be so annoying sometimes! Even when they are not yours!!!

    Deep breaths...

  2. I am a room mum for my dd's class.. there is a mom who is already stirring things up.. as one mom told me, "she's whippin' me" in all her Texas twang! hilarious.. time will tell.. and then we'll have a margarita or 2!!

  3. What mom's caddy?? Why I outta . .


    LOL yes, I feel your pain Carrie. I'm with AM. It's margarita time!!!!

  4. Too bad some moms like to cause trouble. Hope they can get with the program and behave. I'm not a room mom but I think I'll join you all and have a maragrita.