Thursday, September 6, 2007

Aaaaah....the first day of school is over. Everybody was exhausted by dinner time, since we also had our first swim lesson of the season tonight!! My baby is in school ALL day now, and my oldest couldn't get away from me fast enough to get to her class! So, now both girls are in school all day and as my hubby puts it..."to do whatever you do". He's lucky he phrased it that way, and not "to do whatever I want to do". I have a lot of cleaning after all of the visitors have gone, especially since I am expecting another in a few weeks. Little brother is coming to visit, can't wait for him to get here and I know it will go by much too quickly.

Weird thing happened today...I was looking out the window of our 3rd floor townhome and notice a police car. Then, I noticed that she was checking out hubby's car!! Then she started heading to my front door!! Turns out...someone saw my kids in the back and thought that my oldest was Madeline McCann (the missing British girl) they came to check out the lead. I was a bit worried until she told me the purpose of her visit!

I am starting on a couple of assignments for The Shaker Box ( and am completely "stoked" about my appointment to the DT!!


  1. Carrie I can't imagine how scared you had to be!

  2. this is so scary- told Mom and she couldn't believe it either!!