Sunday, October 14, 2007

Beautiful English Autumn

We've been having lots of fun with my brother here. I sometimes forget how important he is to least with the busy schedule of trying to balance kids, family, school fun, cleaning, scrapping and keeping in touch with everyone. This has been a great visit for us, I love showing him around London and the English countryside. This past weekend we went into London and saw Spamalot!! It was great! And, we've had some beautiful weather while he has been here! We've done some hiking and got some great pictures of the English countryside!

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  1. I'm glad you ahd a great visit with your brother. Your photo is pretty. And you have been tagged. :)

  2. You are one of the m ost important aspects of my life....I had the best visit and can't stop thinking about it! Can't wait to return...I'll try and have more things "to do" this time. I more wnated to see you guys this time than anything after 17 months!