Friday, March 7, 2008

Digital Team Call & Life as I know it!

Busy, busy...not as busy as some people...but busy enough for me. I have been spring cleaning, which has consumed a couple of whole days. Then there is my ever consuming passion of scrapbooking. I've volunteered to make a travel scrapbook for a friends wife, a bit daunting for me since this is my first paid "gig". I make stuff for other people as gifts, so I don't hear many complaints! LOL

The big news is that we will be moving back to the US at the end of July. John's project here has been shut down, and he already has a new position back in Chicago. A promotion for him, and we are grateful for that. We are sad that our adventure has been cut short, but excited to be in a house we can call our own and the girls are excited about the prospect of having a big yard to play in! I am looking forward to having a place where I can hang pictures where I want to hang them, and John is SO excited about having his garage back. Now, to find our dream home! At least the market is with us!!

Mom also moved, from Arizona to Tennessee, and got her first taste of snow in a long time. Papa already found a job there, doing over-the-road short hauls around the southeastern part of the country. I am happy to report that all 3 dogs and 4 cats made the trip without incident!!

Busy at The Shaker Box, we have a Spring Fling crop coming up and there are always lots of fun challenges going on! The Mega Challenge is one of my favorites, and it is running from March until May...but you can join in at any time since it goes by weekly totals!!


Also, we are having another Digital Creative Team Call! So if you are a digital diva, follow the link and apply for a CT position today!



  1. How exciting you are coming home! Good luck finding a new home.

  2. Aw... I hope you won't be leaving mojoholder carrie!

    jk x