Monday, March 24, 2008

Got Guests??

First set of guests left guest arrives on Friday. Not much turnaround time, but definitely looking forward to seeing my "little" brother! The girls are on Easter break, so we've already got a leisurely day of scrapbooking arranged for tomorrow. It starts whenever we decide to get out of bed, eat and get a few groceries! I haven't had time until today to miss scrappin' since we've been out sightseeing with my SIL and nieces. Today, just the family went shopping and out for a nice quiet lunch in was lovely!

Here is a picture of me and the girls in London last Thursday. The weather has been awful...rain all day here and then it was sleeting sideways when we went back on Saturday! Any day in London is a good day though!!


Don't forget...The Shaker Box is holding a CT call for the Digital Team...see my last post!! And, check out the awesome Mojoholders Blog for some great inspiration at


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  2. what a great picture! SOunds fun. Hope you have a good weekend with your little bro.

  3. love the picture,even though i live in london must do touristy thing one day too lol

  4. I love London Carrie!! My sister used to live there and we had so many wonderful weekends.. really miss those days! Glad you had a super day out :-)

    jk xx

  5. Enjoy your break between guests. Very nice photo.