Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life goes on...

We are settling in our new home, the girls are loving their new school, and we have been visiting with lots of relatives! I get to see my Mom and Step-Dad, Gary, this week! Can't wait!! We haven't seen Gary since before we moved, and he misses his Grand-daughters! And, the girls haven't seen their Nana since May of 2007 when she visited us in London! I think we have most of the boxes unpacked, at least the stuff we NEED...like scrapping stuff! LOL! I am trying to adjust to my new space...it is smaller and very narrow...but it will do. I am lucky to have that, and I didn't want to suck up another bedroom with my stuff.

That being said, I am working on downsizing my scrappy collection. My BFF and I have resolved to buy NO kits for a year! We need to use the stuff we've got! And, with the economy the way it is...well it can't hurt to cut back on scrappy stuff!

I have recently resigned from my DT position at The Shaker Box, you might notice that all of the blinkies are gone from my blog. TSB had undergone a lot of changes in the past 6 months...mainly a new owner with no experience in running a scrapbooking website, store, gallery and blog. There was a comment about not having the time to do all of these things...and take care of her family...which leads me to the question of "why??". So without getting into messy details...TSB is now closed. It is a sad day for most of us...but then again...I wasn't having fun there anymore and was ready to move on. I'll keep you informed on that part. C'est la vie...life goes on!

I am still working with the Mojoholders Blog, those ladies are fantastic. They've been so sweet and patient for me during my move and I love them even more for it! Check out our latest scraplift here: http://www.mojoholder.typepad.com/


  1. Glad your settling in and getting organized! How fun to have Mom and Hubby visit.

    As for the scrapsite, there are brighter days ahead!

  2. Carrie, great to see you posting!!!! And as Tilda said..brighter days are ahead!!!