Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in the USA

Well, we've been back for nearly a month now but I am just now finding the time to catch up. I have been without internet for most of this time, having to borrow wireless from the neighbors and hang out in Panera!

The girls are getting settled into their new schools, I am waiting for the bus to bring them home as I type. They seem to have recovered from leaving their British friends and have made a bunch of new friends in the neighborhood. We choses a neighborhood with lots of kids for that reason! I am sure they do miss their friends back in the UK...but are just handling it well. They have finally stopped asking me "WHY" we had to move back!

We still have no furniture besides Aerobeds and lawn chairs, so I am kneeling in front of my computer typing! Word is that the sea container is getting closer, it will probably get delivered just in time for Labor Day weekend! We are making our first trip up to Grand Rapids (sil's house) for the 2 younger nephews birthdays. We'll be heading back to celebrate with our old and possibly new neighbors too!

I am back "on duty" at The Shaker Box after the move, and I am excited about my kit team! Check out the website for the kit previews! Linda is having a kit club special, if you buy 6 months...you get the 7th month for free!!


  1. we miss you here at MOJO!!! Can't wait til you get your scrappin stash back... bet you can't either lol!

    hugs my friend!
    jakey xx

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