Saturday, February 2, 2008

Big Day

Today is my dd's 5th birthday party, her birthday isn't until the 12th, but she is super excited about today! She's never had a big party, all to herself, just family "dos". I haven't even taken the pictures, but I can't wait to get them printed!! It's a trampolining party, should be lots of fun pics!

I've had an extremely busy social calendar lately, which would account for my lack of blogging! With being my oldest dd's Form Mum I end up sitting around and drinking a lot of tea and coffee with the other Mums. It's fun, though I am glad that I only have a term and a half to go. Some people just cannot be pleased!!

My scrappy world is also getting busy! I really love the two communities that I am a part of, The Shaker Box and Mojoholders. Really a bunch of super talented ladies!
Check them out at and! There is always lots of fun going on there! I was also a February Friend of PageMaps; which you can see here!!


  1. i have tagged you check my blog out for more info :)