Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life has changed

I was reminded that I have a blog while recently visiting another blog. WOW...has my life changed. My scrapbooking hobby has been replaced by a stenography machine. I started attending The College of Court Reporting last fall! My days are consumed with speedbuilding, drills, and misc. homework. It is difficult to balance school with having a family, and I would encourage anyone to do it out of the way before you start a family.
I don't feel that I can be the best Mom I should be when my kids need me while I am doing homework or in class.
I don't have the time for a lot of the things I used to do. Casually shopping for groceries (or anything for that matter), meal planning, just hanging out with friends, doing "nothing", scrapbooking, reading, cleaning!!! It's all gone by the wayside and gets done when I can squeeze it in. My house is not dirty, but it is not as sparkly clean as it used to be. I have had to let go of things. I savor my "free time" now and try to make the most of it.
I have had some enlightenment in the form of certain classes at my school. In court reporting you also need to know how to be socially "able" and we have had a couple of classes that have helped us with that, but the instructor has gone far and above just social skills and has taught us critical thinking. It's done wonders for me. It helps me in all aspects of long as I remember to apply it. Hopefully, I can keep this in mind the next time I feel the need to call the Sheriff to complain about my neighbors.

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