Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life is getting a little more hectic...

Well, we've had our moving survey and hubby is in the U.S. looking for a house ask I type.

We did manage to squeeze in a 5 day vacation to Croatia and WOW! The weather was perfect, the people were friendly and our villa was wonderful! Here is a slideshow...but I must warn you it's 277 pictures long!

Croatia, May 2008


  1. WOW, Carrie!!! What awesome photos!! I so enjoyed that!! Watched everyone of them. Now, about those Harleys?? That one in front sure looked like a BMW to me!!! :o) And I LOVED that shot of the old BMW!! Can you tell that is what hubby and I use to ride????

  2. Awesome photos!!! Croatia looks absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for taking us there!

  3. I can't believe it - I just came back from Croatia myself! We were there 18-25 May outside Dubrovnik... our paths may have crossed yet again.

    I can't believe you're moving back to the US and I never got to meet you in person :(